Papers should be submitted by email in Word format (to the following address: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ) and as a printed copy (to the following address: „Studia Politologiczne”, Instytut Nauk Politycznych Uniwersytetu Warszawskiego, ul. Nowy Świat 67, 00-927 Warszawa, Polska).

The printed copy should include a statement concerning the original character of the paper and the fact that it is not under consideration for publication elsewhere.

Editing of the text

A scheme of the analysis:

  • Author
  • Title of analysis
  • Abstract (up to 600 characters)
  • Key words: 5
  • The text of the article

A separate note about the Author is also required (including the name of the institution where they are employed, the academic title and academic degree).

Font: 13-point font size (Times New Roman)

References: at the bottom of the page, continuous pagination, 10-point font size, according to the following model:

¹ F. Millard, Elections, Parties and Representation in Post-Communist Europe, Palgrave Macmillan 2004, p. 135.

Ibidem, p. 27.

¹ T. Zittel, Legislators and their representational roles: strategic choices or habits of the heart?, [in:] M. Blomgren, O. Rozenberg (eds.), Parliamentary Roles in Modern Legislatures, Routledge 2012, p. 107.

F. Millard, Elections, Parties ..., p. 176.

¹ A. Grant, The Politics of American Campaign Finance, „Parliamentary Affairs” 1998, № 2, p. 227.

¹ M. Górak, Cyfrowa prasa: chwilowa moda czy przyszłość,ły/45301.html, 6.12.2004.

Page setup: standard

Length: 25,000 – 50,000 characters (spaces included)

Bibliography: none

To counteract ghostwriting” and „guest authorship”, the Editorial Board of „Studia Politologiczne” implemented procedures connected with blocking ghostwriting.

Ghostwriting” and „guest authorship” are signs of scientific unreliability. All detected cases will be disclosed, including notifying the proper entities (institutions employing the Authors, scientific societies, associations of scientific editors etc.).

We are dealing with ghostwriting when somebody who has made a significant contribution to the text does not disclose their participation as one of the Authors or when their role is not mentioned in the acknowledgements included in the publication.

We are dealing with guest authorship” („honorary authorship”) when the Author’s participation is negligible or it is none despite the fact he/she is referred to as the Author/co-author of the publication.

The Author of a publication is obliged to provide information on the sources of financing the publication, the contribution of scientific and research institutions, associations and other entities („financial disclosure”).

The Editorial Board of „Studia Politologiczne” requires that the Authors disclose the contribution of particular Authors to the publication (providing affiliations and information on the Author of the concept, assumptions, methods, protocol, etc. used while preparing the publication). The Author bears responsibility for the submitted text.

The Editorial Board of „Studia Politologiczne” documents all signs of scientific unreliability, especially of breaking and infringing the principles of ethics binding in science.

Texts submitted for publication in „Studia Politologiczne” are reviewed. Within 2 moths after submission of the text, the Author is informed on the text being qualified for the reviewing procedure or rejected due to formal faults. Next, each paper (after being anonymized) undergoes the assessment procedure by one of the Editors of „Studia Politologiczne”. After receiving a positive opinion, the text is passed on to two external reviewers, i.e. from outside the Editorial Board. In case of a negative opinion, the information on this fact is given to the Author and the process of publishing is closed with a negative result. In case of a negative opinion the Author receives the review of the text (with personal data of the reviewer removed) and the information that the process of publishing has been closed with a negative result.

The Editorial Board does not return the texts which have not been requested and reserves the right to edit and abridge them.

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